44 Martin Place

Location: Sydney, NSW
Brief: Commercial Office Refurbishment and Addition

44 Martin Place is a project to revitalise a significant heritage building at the corner of Martin Place and Castlereah Street in Sydney’s CBD. Since its original construction date in 1938, the building has gone through various renovations and has been subject to the modernisation of its context.

The recent intervention includes a refurbishment to all existing interiors, an update to all services within the building, the introduction of an atrium from roof to ground floor, two additional office levels, and a rooftop terrace. The concept of the project is to touch the existing heritage building lightly, particularly in relation to the facade, while updating building performance and interior quality to reflect modern requirements and demands. The top two levels, termed The Floating Pavilion, are simple in form with a continuous vertical language and a material palette that is recessive to the existing sandstone facade. 

Internally, the ground floor lobby has been fully refurbished and connected to natural light through a 12 storey atrium. The atrium improves on connectivity across the relatively small floor plate of the office floors. The original heritage doors, which were most recently used as decoration in the back of the lobby, have been reinstated to the entry portal and back-lit, reestablishing the art-deco language of the building along Martin Place.